Banking On Bespoke Wellness

By Yvonne Yoong
In “The New Normal”, the best currency to have is optimal health, hence the rise of preventive and regenerative therapies as offered by TDOX Asia. Dato’ Choi Wei Yee, Founder and Managing Director of TDOX Asia affirms that these therapies in the bespoke wellness category are in demand locally and regionally.
“TDOX Asia established in late 2019 stands for Transformation Development of X-Factors,” says this seasoned entrepreneur with regional market experience who has invested heavily into state-of-the-art preventive and regenerative therapies.
“Health and wellness solutions comprising the highest quality medical products and services are gaining momentum now that health is a key priority.”
Unsurpassed wellness services coupled with high quality of life are key. Besides wellness, health and beauty also go hand in hand at TDOX where optimal vitality and prevention rather than cure takes precedence. “At TDOX Asia, we make youth, vitality and longevity possible through a bespoke personalised health and anti-ageing experienced that is especially custom-designed for our customers,” she explains.
Following TDOX’s six-step diagnosis approach, clients do a comprehensive blood test diagnosis by certified medical practitioners; detoxification; optimisation through preventive and regenerative therapies; revitalisation with boosters; growth factors and other services plus prevention and maintenance with proper follow-up sessions,” she says.
All this and more await clients seeking luxury wellness treatment at TDOX Asia which occupies a sprawling 10,000 sq ft built-up area on Level 5 of Equatorial Plaza in Kuala Lumpur. The location is right in the centre of the city’s most sought-after and busiest business district surrounded by international chain hotels and other tourism hotspots.
“Coupled with growth and advancement in health and beauty science, we are introducing new technologies to our customers,” she shares.
TDOX Asia is equipped with state-of-the-art FDA approved medical devices backed professional, experienced and certified medical practitioners.
TDOX Asia aspires to join in the ranks of Malaysia’s premium health tourism providers to deliver world-class health as well as wellness services and products backed by its cGMP-certified R&D laboratory producing top quality regenerative products.
“We hope that Malaysia will soon achieve international standards in the wellness industry, making the country a top destination of choice for beauty as well as health services and products,” she sums.
Apart from its main offerings which include cellular therapy and aesthetics, TDOXAsia’s wide range of services include but are not limited to health screening, cardiac healthcare, personalised nutrition and diet, men’s and women’s health, DNA tests besides advanced aesthetics and customised aesthetic solutions. Offering sophisticated top-of-the-range treatments like the Enhanced Exterbal Counter Pulsation Therapy (E-ECP), the beauty of this treatment just requires the recipient to lie down in the comfort of the luxurious space.
Trying Out The E-ECP
Being privileged to be granted access to try out the E-ECP, I was happy to learn that the less than an hour treatment in which I was strapped to the bed was equivalent to my body benefitting from the workout regime of a 10,000km run.
Clients are advised to refrain from taking coffee or tea prior to the E-ECP treatment therapy before the treatment as caffeine would aggravate the blood pressure reading.
All I had to do was to strap up to a machine and enjoy a snooze and my blood circulation was given a boost by the E-ECP machine. And really, what’s there not to love from the E-ECP treatment without any pain, no surgery and no hospital admission while being safe, non-invasive and which comes with US FDA approval at that. After the treatment, I enjoyed a healthy snack while awaiting my next treatment.
Blood pressure readings were taken pre and post this amazingly relaxing treatment which worked in unison to gently but firmly compress the blood vessels in the lower limbs to increase blood flow to the heart. “Each wave of pressure is electronically timed to the heartbeat to ensure that the improved blood flow is delivered to your heart at the precise moment it is relaxing.
“Pressure is instantenousky released when the heart pumps again,” shares the attentive TDOX nurse administrating this treatment to me.
Suitable for preventive and maintenance of health, the E-ECP treatmentis suitable for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, high cholesterol/triglycerides, erectile dysfunction (ED), sports related injuries and recovery or circulatory disorder.
Experiencing BTL Emsella
I was also given the BTL Emsella treatment to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. This high quality medical treatment utilises High-Intensity focussed Electromagnetic technology service which are suitable for men and women.
Sitting me down on the state-of-the-art treatment device fully clothed, all I had to do was to ensure I sat in such a way that the stimulation of my entire pelvic floor muscle would give my pelvic muscle just the exact pulsation it would require to benefit from the treatment.
BTL Emsella is also a breakthrough treatment for those suffering from problems associated with incontinence.
All in, the treatment took almost thirty minutes before the machine came to a stop.
What clients will love most about this treatment lies with the fact that it is non-invasive. So, it’s basically a “walk-in and walk-out” procedure that also results in 75% pad reduction.
Individual results may vary though 95% of treated patients reported significant improvement in their quality of life. All in, the light tingling sensation and pelvic floor muscle contractions during the entire procedure was relaxing to say the least. Even after the first session, I believe that I was one step closer to having stronger muscle tone in the pelvis, so it is not too much to dismiss that just one single treatment alone would be beneficial.
In conclusion, BTL Emsella is a great option for women of any age who desires solutions for stronger pelvic muscles as well as to treat urinary incontinence which lends improvement to their quality of life. Therefore, definitely recommended to all seeking to up their well-being in “The New Normal”.
For more information, contact TDOX Asia at 03-27272868

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