BainsPhysio powers ahead

Asian Property Review interviews Dato Dr BS Bains, founder and CEO of BainsPhysio, who is widely acknowledged as the top physiotherapist in Malaysia.

1.What makes BainsPhysio stand out from the rest?

Bains Physio is more like an organisation; we have R&D and branches in smaller towns. We also have effective protocols, and our own joint functional screening, developed by me which has been accepted worldwide.

During this screening, we profile the muscular skeletal status of the subject who is normally aged 45 and above in a quest to pre-empt and provide empowerment of his own physical status so that he could prevent certain strains in his joints if he proceeds with certain activities. If this is not done, it will develop into strains and pains; and later will create pathology. This screening makes our examinations of patients more thorough in order to prevent muscular skeletal injuries.

You will get to know what type of exercise is suitable for you as this varies for everyone. This is part of our Wellness Programme which emphasizes preventive healthcare.

Dato DR BS Bains

2.What new technologies has BainsPhysio embraced over the past 10 years?

Robotic therapy (therapy enhanced using carefully engineered technology) which is the la test technology in the world of physiotherapy. We constantly update ourselves on the latest technology; we even have internal topic presentation by our staff in the various centres. And now, we have gone one level ahead by starting neurogeriatric centres catering to neuro and geriatric conditions for older folks. In addition, we also have a Women Care Centre and Cardiac Centre. These areas today are in huge demand.

Other technologies we have adopted are remote control wheelchairs which can be folded and kept in a corner, wheelchairs that can climb up and go down stairs, and gravity-elevated treadmills from Germany which can lift 70% of your weight so you can run with only 20% of your weight.

3.Future expansion plans?

BainsPhysio® started with a one-staff, one-room structure and then extended our services from just a purely therapeutic physiotherapy service provider following pathologies to numerous subspecialties; from its wellness program to take challenges in preventive health care to pathological base functions. To date, we have a staff strength of 45, all of whom are specialized in various practices.

We have been building a lot of centres throughout Malaysia; the idea is to reach more people. We focus on small towns so the folks there don’t have to go to big cities for their therapy thus making it more affordable. We also have a partnership with Sheng Tai International to bring in our whole-body screening programme which adds to their health programme under Sheng Life. We may possibly also jointly start a robotic clinic in the future in Melaka and Kuala Lumpur. This clinic will offer physiotherapy that uses AI-based robotics to treat patients. APR

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