A ‘rhinoceros’ in Rome

Fusing a living space with art is Alda Fendi’s gift to Rome and architect Jean Nouvel’s signature design to the world.

Rhinoceros Roma was established by Alda Fendi of the famous Roman fashion dynasty, in 2018. Housed within a prestigious contemporary art gallery in the heart of Rome, Rhinoceros Roma integrates luxury accommodation with artistic creativity.

The six-storey structure is an amalgamation of existing buildings, parts of which date to the 17th century, now transformed into 25 exclusive apartments along with exhibition and performance spaces by famed French architect Jean Nouvel, who has retained ancient elements in his cutting-edge design.

It combines comfort with modern, industrial design details, state-of-the-art appliances and indulgent amenities.

Throughout the year, there is a rotation of exhibitions displaying works from globally acclaimed artists such as Picasso, El Greco and Michelangelo, under the auspices of Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti, a non-profit arts foundation founded by Alda.

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