A Retirement haven in Seremban

Millennia Village prides itself on its sustainable practices and engagement with indigenous community.

Millennia Village is the first fully purpose-built senior living and wellness village located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Perched on a former quarry site that ceased operations around 15 years ago, the total land size spans 32 acres. It is surrounded by a natural rockface, natural pond and lush greenery. The village is gated and guarded ensuring peace of mind.

It is heartening to note that the developer, Lifestyle Healthcare and Services, has made it a point to engage the indigenous community to map out trails at the 8-acre regenerated forest within the development. Also laudable are the sustainable practices such as composting, rainwater harvesting, permaculture and a farm-to-table approach.

Phase 1 comprises 2 residential blocks of 360 furnished units, with completion expected in QI 2023. Currently, the super structure of the entire village is completed and the developer is in the midst of fine-tuning the interior design, fittings, finishings, landscape works, etc. It has similar facilities to a high end condominium.

Millennia Village operates as a lease-only model. The units range in size between 450sqft-800sqft. The rental is inclusive of water, electricity, daily meals, management services, etc, as well as car park space.
Phase 2 meanwhile consists of three-storey Assisted Living residence with a capacity of 100 pax. According to Chairman John Chia, their vision is to build a community and a destination. Eventually, they plan to scale and replicate the model in other locations in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. APR

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