A chat with a wellness guru.

Sonia Samtani is one of Hong Kong’s most established mental well-being specialists, a successful TedxWomen speaker and author. She has also been voted as one of the most influential people in the wellness industry in 2022. Asian Property Review chats with her.

1.As you are based in Hong Kong, what’s your advice for people who have been in lockdown for prolonged periods of time e.g those in Hong Kong and Shanghai?

My advice would be to accept the fact that we do not have full control over what is happening outside, though we do have full control over our thoughts and feelings. Even though we have been in lockdown with quarantine for a few years, it is still possible to use this time to focus on ourselves, self-reflect, and experience the inner-freedom that comes from overcoming limiting beliefs and releasing suppressed emotions.

For those who have been in lockdown for a while, my tip would be to set an intention for what you would to get out of this time, intentions are extremely powerful as it sets the scene for where you will direct your energies and what to get out of it. Find a way to create a routine that has familiarity as well as variety, as we have a need for both in our lives. The familiarity of routine makes us feel more settled and get the most of our activities, so it’s great to set-up a regular routine for fitness, meditation and self­reflection. At the same time, do something different each day to add stimulation and variety so that you don’t feel stagnant. I share a lot of free content and advice on my Instagram and YouTube channels, where I hope to provide free access to mental wellness support.

2.For a wellness guru, what is your daily wellness routine?

My wellness routine involves a lot of self-reflection and releasing emotional charges. I believe that the thoughts you sleep with have a huge impact as your subconscious mind processes all that’s happened during the day during your sleep. Hence, before sleeping I normally do a daily review and do brea thwork to clear out any emotional charges of the day, this gives closure to my day and prevents me from carrying forward any toxicity. I then do visualisations and affirmations, and intend for my last thoughts to be one of acceptance and gratitude. In the morning, I do an earth and higher-self meditation, set intentions for the day, do an affirmation as I look at myself in the mirror, do my stretches and simple yoga poses, and then listen to an audio book on personal development as I get ready.

3.Which aspects of your services are most in demand by corporate clients?

It’s encouraging to see corporations focusing on mental health in the workplace more than ever before. After years of “hustle” mentality, the world has a (largely) tired, depleted, and stressed out workforce. It’s time for this to change. My most popular programmes for corporates are: Team Development Day, A balanced Lunch, and Effective Public speaking and Comm uni cation. APR

Sonia Samtani

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