2020, A Year To TRAVEL & INTERACT?!

PropertY PeoplE PlaceS (YES) chats with Master Kenny Hoo, Founder of Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research on what feng shui has in store for us in 2020.

Kenny Hoo, Founder & Chief Researcher of GOOD FENG SHUI® Geomantic Research

Overview of 2020

2020 is the beginning of a new decade, a new era. It is a good year overall for all of us and the beginning of a lot of new ideas. It’s a Golden Rat year which comes by every 60 years once. It is the start of a golden era and is an auspicious age.

July 2017 is the start of a new world order where power and influence transfer to the East such as China and India. China has promoted the idea of a Grand Equality World since Confucius days. It’s about a win-win approach for the world. Malaysia’s Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 has similar goals.

We foresee a new world order led by China. The whole world will be relying on China for many things including Malaysia. Malaysians should be proactive and go to China to explore product needs and not just rely on exporting our commodities such as durians.

US and Europe (UK, Germany) influence will become weaker as they undergo their own restructuring and internal politics.

The key word in 2020 is a Year of Interaction – a lot of people will want to interact with others for new opportunities to enhance their life.

2020 is also the Peach Blossom year – it is filled with a lot of love; many will get married and travel for their honeymoon. Some may have lots of chance to travel for leisure or business.

In 2020, the most influential element is wood indicating nature, fruits, vegetables, healthy lifestyle and natural therapy. 

The lucky colour is green so it’s a good idea to insert green colour in your company’s banners or flyers. The light green colour gives hope and causes people to feel refreshed and recharged. They will come back with new inspiration to work.   

Property Market

There is a breath of fresh air as the property market experiences a revival. Rentals are cheaper now so people are more willing to rent. It’s also easier to get loans compared to 2 years ago but potential buyers are choosier due to more training and exposure from many property gurus.


Apart from the usual required features like proximity to schools, malls, LRT/MRT stations, buyers are more discerning now, emphasizing good design whether or not they fulfil feng shui criteria. As such, developers should include feng shui elements in their building projects – it’s an intangible value that will pay off eventually.

It’s still a buyers market in 2020. But due to limited funds in hand, buyers will look at multiple angles, for example, apart from it being a necessity, will the property make them happier, will the family experience harmony, its impact on others, etc.

Tourism Market

Tourism is a water-related industry so there may be a lot of pressure and challenges. The tourism industry must be more proactive and revamp and change the content of their packages to be more creative instead of the usual offerrings of jungle, mountain, food and shopping.

Nowadays, people want to experience culture, lifestyle and history, which includes staying in homestays or homes of locals.

They should include more cultural and technology elements such as packaging expos with sightseeing. For example, Taiwan tourism authorities combine tours with manufacturers at a world famous tech expo with sightseeing. This facilitates business opportunities for both sides.

Thailand also has unique packages such as meditation and health rejuvenation packages.

Malaysia has inbound medical tourism but tour operators can do more by organizing outbound tours that combine sightseeing with expos or festivals. They should also utilize technology such as artificial intelligence, big data and ecommerce to enhance their offerrings.

Good Time to Travel

Joining a tour either individually or in a group is very good. All good things start from the first step. It is better to step out to see the world than stay in the house and read 10,000 books.

You can get a lot of inspiration and ideas when travelling compared to reading by yourself. It can help broaden our worldview especially when the world is changing very fast now.

Similarly, when we interact with others from abroad, it may trigger a lot of new opportunities.

However, when travelling, some people may fall sick easily so they need to take extra care. Those susceptible are born in the year of the Pig, Snake, Rabbit, Horse and Rat.

Some signs will be busy travelling this year – they are those born in the year of Tiger, Horse, Dog and Monkey.

Auspicious Destinations/Months

The western sector, that is the Western countries, northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast. There is positive chi for travelling there for example, you will meet good people who might benefit you in your career or quality of life, business opportunity, lifestyle, inspiration, ideas, and tips.

The West will be very good including the northwest and especially the southeast, for example, in Europe, UK will benefit from more tourists due to the end of Brexit uncertainty and the cheaper pound.

The northwest includes Nepal while in Malaysia, Penang is a good destination to travel to.

The northeastern countries of Korea, Japan and Taiwan are also good to travel to. Some offer halal tour packages to attract Muslim tourists.

On the other hand, take extra care when travelling to countries in the South, for example, Australia, New Zealand, and islands in Indonesia (Java, Sumatera).

The South is also occupied by 2 black stars indicating sickness and disease, so when travelling there, you need to boost your body conditions first. Countries in this area include South India and South America. In the East, do some studies before travelling there as the weather may not be very good. There are 5 yellow negative stars there. These places include East Malaysia, Kuantan, Terengganu, Hawaii, and Eastern Europe.

The good travelling months for both inbound and outbound include February, June, August and October, as the running horse star is stronger during these months. There are high chances that travelling during these months can ignite new sparks that can boost your career, life or business.

The good months for business travel are in April and December when the stock market is more positive.

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